Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan.21 2o11

Brianna ( my sisters )  birthday is in a couple days and i have to buy her something !!!

k*so this chick ive know for a while , likes a guy that I like ... Awkward ?? I GUESS SO.

Jesus , so much drama at my school , 
1. some fight going on over a balloon ? -- gay..
2. Racist chicks , and dicks . -- Ew. 
3. Attitude sucks
4. Sarcasm Reeks. 

In a way , its embarrisng to live in Edmonton , Alberta . The oilers faaail at life . but taylor hall is amazing. Anyways i was playing XBOX live and I was like im from edmonton . The first think this dude said , was  ,,, Ew ... the oilers ? GAY.
American Idol week 1 -
soo , Did you hear that chubby 15 year old boy sing ? leeets just say , AMAZING ? hes gonna win it.

Im not really the racist type but , most , NOT ALL , but most native people always think there so tough , i just  hate it , like if your a native who thinks your tough GTFO. Honestly , Tough natives
1. wear scary clothes
2. always have atleast a peircing around there body , OTHER THEN THE EAR
3. Kindaa bitches. ;)

My heart will be happy

You know that song .. dont worry be happy ? its amazing , and thats the story of my life !!! Since Paul ( the smoker ) I havent dated anyone . Im kinda proud . I can FLIRT with any guy , i can be free !!! Honestly I love being single , but me riding solo has to end some time. I saw this really hot guy at my schools basketball game the other day and me and my friends were creeping him !! &&_  I guess he thought it was a joke .. ? But then he started getting the hint that i really do like him , And then ... He added me on facebook . Also theres this other guy who i havent met but hes my best friends , best friend . Haha , hes really sweet and cute ! ( pics on fb ) and i wanna meet him , but im scared that hes using me so that I can get into a fight with this other chick ( Michaela ) who is pissed at me because i liked her boyfriend in grade.5 . :)