Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February.16 2011

Started dating a guy ( the best bf in the world ) on saturday , & we were supposed to hang out on valentines day , but he had basketball practice , i got tired of waiting , left for 10 minutes , then his practice was over ! WTF ! 

ommg , i almost punched this chick yesterday .. We were playing badminton and she said the birdy was in , i said its out , she yelled at me , and i said aiight , chill , you can have the point . She said sometimes you just need to learn how to shut your mouth . I ran up to her and was like , oh shit , i need to learn how to shut my mouth , I raised up my fist , and she ran up to my gym teacher and said .. Jessica won :( In a sad voice . LOL . that bitch has to learn . Search Ella Zenari on youtube , and watch her sing !! FUNNY SHIT.

- its a pree funny and good movie . YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT.

Ahha , so thats pree much my month so far .. Talk to you next month !