Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dumped : Once Again .

I know it shouldnt mean anything to me . A one day relationship .A Kind of talking No making out relationship . But i cant stop myself from crying . I had a huge crush on him since i met him and he said he was stoned when he asked me out . I hate guys that smoke . Any girl should . But i loved him you know ? And now its all thrown away and he didnt even give me a chance . Sometimes when guys ask me out , I wish i could go further in time ... Further to see us break up , and why we break up , if we ever break up . But thats the thing we can`t and when a guy asks me out , i always give them the chance . Last month i dated this guy Abdi ... For a whole day ! Anyways at the beginning of lunch he said Jessica Its over . I didnt rally cry because i didnt like him *that* much. But near the end of lunch i saw him walking back to the school by himself and i was curious ... so i walked up to him and asked him why he broke up with me ... He said it was a dare . That made me cry. Just the thought of someone being that rude .
                                          So before you start dating someone always get time to think . Unless you really like them . NEVER be sure in how the relationship will go . NEVER be over confident . NEVER date a smoker . NEVER date someone you dont like . I dont think im ever gonna date someone for a super long time . Ive had my heart broken way to many times and im not gonna cry over another guy . Never Again .
Im always gonna make sure there the right one . There the right one . Are they the right one ?